Invest in Viljandi region

Viljandi County is an exciting and interesting place to live. We have a varied living and working environment. The vital industrial, technological, agricultural and service-sector enterprises are all represented here.

The important presence of the Viljandi Culture Academy, part of the University of Tartu and our cultural traditions make the region a cradle for native culture and creative industries.


Why invest in Viljandi region? The answer is simple – we are ready for investments. Being ready means having well developed investment objectives and a strong desire to co-operate together with the necessary infrastructure, support services and potential co-operation partners. Our Local Authorities, State structures and educational institutions are eager to help incoming entrepreneurs.

Within Viljandi County Development Centre we have competent specialists to help investors find investment opportunities and business partners and to provide information and support in  administration issues. In co-operation with local authorities, education and labor institutions we can also support in finding competent and capable workers.


The new website for investing in Viljandi region is currently under construction, so meanwhile, here are the links to the main industial, technological, business and creative industries in the region:

Mäeltküla Industrial Park

Suure-Jaani Industrial Park

Central Estonian Business Development Centre


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Business Advisor

Mati Ilisson

Tel: +372 505 3032